Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Waiting for a order!

Hia everyone,
hoep everyone's doing great!
i got back from school about 1 hour ago cos today is half day at school (finished at 12) luckily cos first thing in the morning i had to tests plus they weren't that easy they where chemistry and history!
The post hasn't come yet today so I'm still waiting for my Spell order, I hope it comes today! Everyone cross your fingers!
Cos they sent it off 8 days ago, yeah I know it might take time from America but it was sent 1st class!
But it's just that Im so impatient to get the stuff!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xxxxxxxxx Phoebs
Hope i'll get it today! xx

Waiting for a order!

Monday, October 6, 2008

HUGE HAUL (with pics)

Hey all,
I've got a real big haul, I hope you'll like the stuff I've got and feel free to comment!
Barry M:
-Translucent powder compact in Medium - £5.95
-Glitter eye crayon in Lilac - £4.50
_Dazzle Dusts in Kingfisher (blue), Cherry Red, Yellow, Emerald - £4.50 each
-Fine Glitter Dust in Black Purple - £4.50

-5 in 1 eyeshadow palette in Pretty Eyes - £5.00
Available on or in Superdrug.

Urban Decay:
-Nail polish in Bruise (purple with greeny-blue glow) - Present

-Supracolor 12 piece palette with White (my mum got me another white in extra cos it runs out), Yellow, Pillar Box Red, Purply Red, Gold (metallic), Silver (metallic), Black, Forest Green, Olive Green, Aqua Green-Blue, Bright Primary Blue and Medium Blue (metallic).
They can be used as eye make-up, lip stick, face make-up...

-Shout - £2.20
-TeenVOGUE - £2.20
-MAKE-UP Professional - £3.50

-Cookie by Jaqueline Wilson - £12.99 I think
-Something else by LeGrand (french author)

-Blue charm bracelet - Present
-FREE GIFT that came with Shout Magazine, "Queen" Eyeshadow quad in Pearly white, Silver, Pink and Black all shimmery.

There may be some other things that I have forgotten, if so I will add them with pics.
Hope you liked my haul, you can watch it on my Youtube!

xxxx Phoebe

Sunday, October 5, 2008

HAUL (pics to be uploaded later)

Hey all,
mu mum came back from london last night and i got LOADS OF STUFF!!!
i'll post the pics up later cos i haven't even taken them yet.
I'll keep it as a surprise( the stuff i got) so when i get the stuff, you'll find out!
xxxx phoebe
keep watching!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Hey all,
YAY! It's the weekend!!!
And my mum's coming back this evening!!!
And last night she rung us and told me that she was in Charles Fox (UK stage and theatre shop that sells loads of stage make-up) and she was asking me if I wanted a Kryolan palette!!! And of course I said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I asked her if she could pick some Beauty Rush stuff from the Victoria's Secret!
So I can't wait for my mummy to come back cos I miss her. Boo hoo, I'm joking but I've been waiting to see her.
And I'm getting all the Barry M and my fave magazines!
I'll take pictures tomorrow cos my mum is coming late.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hey all,
God I just can't wait to get the Barry M pigments and my fave magazines!!!
And I definitely can't wait for my Mum to get back!!!
Tomorrow I start at 8am and I finish at 4.30pm so I've got a whole day's work but then in all that time I'm waisting 4hrs at school because some of my teachers are off sick or accompanying kids on a school trip!!! Boo hoo!
Well atleast I can chat with my friends for ages and we'll all have a lot of fun!