Monday, October 6, 2008

HUGE HAUL (with pics)

Hey all,
I've got a real big haul, I hope you'll like the stuff I've got and feel free to comment!
Barry M:
-Translucent powder compact in Medium - £5.95
-Glitter eye crayon in Lilac - £4.50
_Dazzle Dusts in Kingfisher (blue), Cherry Red, Yellow, Emerald - £4.50 each
-Fine Glitter Dust in Black Purple - £4.50

-5 in 1 eyeshadow palette in Pretty Eyes - £5.00
Available on or in Superdrug.

Urban Decay:
-Nail polish in Bruise (purple with greeny-blue glow) - Present

-Supracolor 12 piece palette with White (my mum got me another white in extra cos it runs out), Yellow, Pillar Box Red, Purply Red, Gold (metallic), Silver (metallic), Black, Forest Green, Olive Green, Aqua Green-Blue, Bright Primary Blue and Medium Blue (metallic).
They can be used as eye make-up, lip stick, face make-up...

-Shout - £2.20
-TeenVOGUE - £2.20
-MAKE-UP Professional - £3.50

-Cookie by Jaqueline Wilson - £12.99 I think
-Something else by LeGrand (french author)

-Blue charm bracelet - Present
-FREE GIFT that came with Shout Magazine, "Queen" Eyeshadow quad in Pearly white, Silver, Pink and Black all shimmery.

There may be some other things that I have forgotten, if so I will add them with pics.
Hope you liked my haul, you can watch it on my Youtube!

xxxx Phoebe

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eveex3 said...

hi :)
great haul and blog :D
how do you like barry m dazzledusts?
i love them :)